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What Trump means to me

The meta-context for this article is that everyone is talking about how everyone's going to be asking how this happened for years to come. For me, the new media implications of the Trump campaign and his supporters, are some of the strongest. Trump's online support, ranging from "alt-right" activism to foreign hacking, exhibits a "post-Obama" quality that bears deep discussion by communicators, politicos, digital experts, and online organizers. 

In 2008, with the support of some of the smartest online strategists at the time, Obama was able to galvanize an online organizing platform never seen before. Comprised largely of small donations, the sheer number of supporters that drove the campaign was astounding. Remember that at the time, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were barely 3 years old. All three would grow their user base 5-10 times by 2012. At the time of his election, "Web 2.0" and social media were just taking hold.

By 2012, not only had social media taken hold, but the data hegemony of the democratic party also stood out to campaigners on both sides of the aisle. Republican voter organizing was rudimentary compared to the big data wielded by OFA (Organizing For America). This was the future of national, state, and local elections and the Republican party admitted to themselves that they had to gear up for 2016. 

Paradigm shift

But what happened was not a battle between two equally matched, data-driven powers with the experience of 2 similar elections behind them. Instead, social media took on a life of its own. Populist forces were able to drive the conversation in a way that neither party was fully prepared to handle. 

Newly coined terms like fake news, 4chan, alt-right, alt-left, Kek, and darknet formed a cacaphony with principles of neo-fascism, hacking, cybersecurity, progressiveness, demagoguery, and investigative journalism.

Now we know that Trump was relying on Russian-supported media and quite a few sources and content designed specifically to subvert the democratic process of the US presidentical election process.

For the next election both parties will have to take control of this new construct of online media and make sure that their efforts are not subverted by outside sources. Both parties will either combat it using intelligence and/or take advantage of it using their own tools and strategies.

How do we use Pokemon GO to think about innovation?

Pokemon GO & Innovation Two seemingly unrelated posts appeared in my news feed today

The term "hyper-connected" gets thrown around quite a bit, but this weekend's Pokemon phenomenon is nothing short of flabbergasting. But how is it that people can more easily access fictional fantasy creatures than medical advice that could save their lives? For problem like this, how do we click next?

Creating new omnipresent tools that enrich users' lives through powerful design and inforamative content will be critical in the coming years to change the biggest problems we face.

Seeing these two numbers side-by-side forced me to ask: How do we take the success of a game like Pokemon GO, which has in a matter of days connected the world, and turn it into something impactful for the people that need it most? 

The short answer is innovation and the development of an environment that encourages future leaders to put their minds to soliving problems with advanced technology in addition to entertainment.

In order to support the development of hi-tech specifically for the purpose of improving lives, there needs to be a continued global focus on policies that promote innovation directly through funding and support. 

Here's how to bubble sort your eggplants


What's a bubble sort you ask? or what's an eggplant maybe? Well, in this lovely tutorial you'll learn about both.

1. Eggplant, or aubergine, is an edible fruit with many varieties eaten all around the world, from Asia to Europe to the Americas. There are probably more preparations than varieties, which is what makes eggplants such a great pick at the super market.

2. A bubble sort is the most horribly inefficient method for a computer to sort and find data. It's the first way you learn how to search using an algorithm in computer programming. I'm sorry if I scared you by using the word "algorithm", it just means "instructions".

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Zuckerberg is his own industry

If you're considering starting a new business and you've identified an industry worth over $45 billion, it would seem like a good place to start. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, through is commitment to give away the majority of his fortune, has created just such a market.

With fantasy betting, US in further violation of international trade law

New York's decision to stop online fantasy sports betting is only the beginning. Right now, judicial involvement in the increasingly popular pastime has an impact on bettors and companies. But soon it could have an effect on international trade agreements.

Outside of fantasy betting, the current status of US legislation on online gambling has put it in violation of WTO agreements. There have been multiple decisions for the US to make remunerations until it comes into compliance.

Since 2000, the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda has repeatedly sued the US for having ambiguous laws regarding online gambling.

Early in the 90s, Antigua itself made a heavy bet on a business development zone. This zone was set up to encourage online gambling businesses to set up headquarters there. Early on, this zone benefitted from US patrons. However, since 1995, the US government has whacked away at online gambling in the US making it largely illegal.

There are handful of cases where online gambling is not illegal, but only for US companies. This amounts to preferential treatment to US companies, which violates free trade agreements.

Antigua has successfully lobbied the international trade authorities to rule against the US. Domestic legislation is inconsistent, outlawing most forms of online gambling but not all. Because of this, the WTO has approved retaliatory measures to force the US to comply.

State courts now recognize fantasy betting as gambling. Federal courts might need to follow suit. If they don't, it will be a double insult.

First, to the WTO. Not only has the US not come into compliance, it will create a new thriving industry in direct violation.

Second, the US will thumb its nose at smaller nations party to these agreements. It will show that larger nations can ignore the demands of their weaker counterparts. Even when they are vindicated by courts, they can still be snubbed by would-be partners.


How Big is Google's Announcement? A Look at One-Day Global Mentions

Google announced this week that their operations will undergo a major restructuring. Now Google and its enterprises will be operated by a holding company known as Alphabet. This move means major shifts in both their business and innovation. As analysts pore over the details and examine the future of Google's products such as search, advertising, YouTube, and driverless cars, let's have a look at the global discussion.

This interactive map shows mentions of Google from global sources between August 10 and 11 when Google announced the change compared to mentions from the same time the week before. According to the data, extracted from the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph, the amount of coverage doubled, from about 6000 mentions from 246 sources to over 12700 from 513 sources.


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Mapped: America's Farmers Markets

If you've ever wanted to get a look at all the farmer's markets across the US, look no further than the US Department of Agriculture's own data. Over 8,000 markets are mapped in this database, demonstrating the connection of farms to consumers that has grown in the US over the last few years. The USDA has made a special effort to support these farmers markets by releasing this data to give them insight into the growing industry. 



The map below is fully searchable with links to the websites where available. For more information, visit the USDA website at

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