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How do we use Pokemon GO to think about innovation?

Pokemon GO & Innovation Two seemingly unrelated posts appeared in my news feed today

The term "hyper-connected" gets thrown around quite a bit, but this weekend's Pokemon phenomenon is nothing short of flabbergasting. But how is it that people can more easily access fictional fantasy creatures than medical advice that could save their lives? For problem like this, how do we click next?

Creating new omnipresent tools that enrich users' lives through powerful design and inforamative content will be critical in the coming years to change the biggest problems we face.

Seeing these two numbers side-by-side forced me to ask: How do we take the success of a game like Pokemon GO, which has in a matter of days connected the world, and turn it into something impactful for the people that need it most? 

The short answer is innovation and the development of an environment that encourages future leaders to put their minds to soliving problems with advanced technology in addition to entertainment.

In order to support the development of hi-tech specifically for the purpose of improving lives, there needs to be a continued global focus on policies that promote innovation directly through funding and support. 

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