What's a guy like me doing on a website like this?

Elliot TG in PerspectiveI grew up in the immediate suburbs of Washington, DC, breathing the 'air of democracy'. I took an interest in technology from an early age, started building websites at age 11 and continued to stay on top of trends in digital media from then on. I got going in entrepreneurship in 2009, supporting local small businesses and working with both upcoming and established entrepreneurs. Since then I have continued to build clients including nonprofits and startups. I have a BA in media and communication and an MA in international conflict resolution and mediation. I have built strong cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills through these studies as well as through my professional career.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to local music and going to concerts, sailing, and cooking. If you want to eat something, my specialties are omelettes and ethnic food. 

I have a new media blog and twitter in addition to my professional profiles.